Alison "Ali" Sparkes is a children's author of many books, including the Shapeshifter series and the Unleashed series. Some other of her 40 books include Blue Peter book award winner 2010, Frozen in Time. [1].


As of the moment, Ali Sparkes has published the following books:

From the Shapeshifter series:

From the Unleashed series:


She has also written a variety of other series and individual books like the Night Speakers series.

My stories are a bit like a fairy with bunions. They are fantasy but they have their feet in the real world.[2]


Frozen in Time won the Blue Peter book award for 'Book of the Year' and 'Books I couldn't put Down'. Her single book Car-Jacked was a nominee for the Children's Book Awards.


Here is a list of Ali Sparkes' publishers:

  • Oxford University Press
  • Scholastic
  • Franklin Watts
  • Harper Collins
  • Puffin Post
  • BBC Radio 4 (on air and on website)
  • Coven Publishing

Personal LifeEdit

Alison would do so much better if she would only stop hanging out of the window.[3]

School report

Ali lives with her husband and two teenage sons and was on TV when she was 14 years old.


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