Peregrine Falcon

Dax Jones

Dowsing the Dead is the fourth book in the Shapeshifter series by Ali Sparkes.


For my boys

With huge thanks to David and Mary Kingston, Kelvin Taylor at the allsorts Psychic Cafe, Southampton, Andy Hinton at the Hawk Conservancy, Weyhill, and David Adcock (mon professeur) for his help in France, and whoever-or whatever-planted all that mistletoe in Brittany.


Things to do on your free weekend:

  • Build a tree house with your best mate
  • Go exploring at night or go to a clubs
  • Completely freak out your stepmum by shifting into a fox

Dax Jones didn't plan for Gina to find out his shapeshifting powers this way, but she was going on and on at him and it was the only way to make her shut up. Then the screaming started...

On top of that, he and his friends have been asked to take part is some kind of weird ritual to try and track down Luke and Catherine - Gideon's dead brother and sister. But when the do finally receive a message, it doesn't give them the reassurance they're after.

Dax must take to the air and use his falcon powers to fly to France. Could Luke still be alive? And if he is, evil Catherine must be too - and the person she's out to get above all others is Dax Jones...