Warning! This page contains spoilers for Finding the Fox. Please read with Caution!
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Shapeshifter Trailer

Finding the Fox is the first book of the Shapeshifter series by Ali Sparkes. The story evolves around a young teenager, Dax Jones.


For Simon, Jacob and Alex.

Many thanks to: Ben McNutt for poking around in the woods advice, Chris Packham for what it might be like to be a fox, and Freddy and Pauline Sparkes for the 'Why not you?' advice.


When Dax Jones discovers that he has the power to transform himself into a fox, a mysterious government official, Owen Hind arrives and takes him to a secret school (Tregarren College) where Colas (children of limitless ability) are trained. At this school, Dax soon makes friends, and feels more at home than he ever has before.

But other, more sinister forces have taken an interest in these gifted children, and soon Dax finds himself in terrible danger. With nowhere else to turn he has to discover what all this means, and a chilling prophecy that awaits him in this adventure...

The next book in the series is Running the Risk.