Gideon Michael Reader is Dax's best friend at the COLA Club. He has fair curly hair, and is striker for the Tregarren Tigers.

Gideon Reader is a telekinetic, and lives with his father in a council estate. Gideon enjoys eating chocolate and playing football for the Tregarren Tigers in Finding the Fox. He is probably the most powerful telekinetic of the COLAs, not including Luke. At first , however, he mentioned that he was not very powerful in comparison to other telekinetics in his group, and was barely able to lift a football. During the series he showed the ability to lift a coach, and other people.

In the second book (Running the Risk), it is revealed that Gideon was one of triplets, and that he has a lost brother, Luke Reader and a lost sister, Catherine Reader. He likes Luke a lot, and is distraught when Catherine (who is evil) takes Luke away, betraying them both.

He remains Dax's friend throughout the series excpet in Running the Risk when he momentarily is enemies with him.

His father is Michael Reader, and is a 'computer nerd'.

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