Mia Cooper is a powerful healer who is friends with Dax, Gideon and Lisa. She has a gentle and compassionate nature, and is a vegaterian. Because of her powers, when people first meet her, they becaome entranced with her, in what Gideon calls "The Mia Effect".She is embarrassed about the Mia Effect, and is grateful when her friends make fun of it.

In the fourth book (Dowsing the Dead), she gets a black obsidian bracelet, which makes her more agressive, and she also becomes a pyrokinetic. She also makes bracelets for the rest of the Colas.

She can heal people with a touch, but at the end of the first book, Owen reveals that she knew of no way to release the pain she absorbed from others. This caused her to gradually weaken. For example, Mia healed Spook Williams' broken ankle, and Dax saw her limping away, but didn't realize why. Later, he noticed that she looked tired and sickly, and learns that she collapsed while trying to heal Caroline Fisher's injuries.

She lives with her father on a poor council estate, and in the third book, it reveals that her father drinks a lot, and she has been healing him.

She is pale, with brown hair in a short bob, and violet blue eyes. She is approximately twelve years old.

She plays a major role in Stirring the Storm, where she burns the lead antagonist, Catherine Reader,to death with her pyrokinetic abilities.

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