Rosemary Canter, according to an interview by Madge Reviews here was an agent who unfortunately died on March the 11th 2011 who worked with Ali Sparkes

How did you and your agent find each other?Edit

Ali said: "My story about a boy who Shapeshifts into a fox had very nearly made it to commission with Usborne Books, but fell at the last hurdle. The editorial director there – Megan Larkin – was lovely to me and recommended three agents. More to the point, she agreed I could tell them that she recommended me. Through this I found the legendary Rosemary Canter at PFD. Later she and 90% of her colleagues left to set up United Agents and I went with her. Sadly, Rosemary died a few years ago but I am still with UA. Rosemary was wonderful – a lady of great poise."