Chapter 1: Edit

We start the story in the snow blanketed, moonlit ground of Fenton Lodge, where shapeshifter Dax Jones is in fox form, taking a moonlight walk. He reflects on what an amazing night it is, feeling at one with the wildlife and frolicking cheerfully in the fresh snow. As he reaches the perimeter wall, Dax sees a black vehicle moving toward the scientist' block. Intrigued, he shifts to the falcon, his vision improving in a heartbeat. Dax makes out a soldier and wonders why anyone is up so late. He considers flying after the car, but it is too cold to fly and Dax feels relatively untroubled. He shifts back into the fox, marching through the snow onto the slippery frosted lake. Suddenly hands grab him, snapping his muzzle shut and freezing him solid. Dax identifies this as Fenton Lodge Teacher, Owen Hind but is too surprised to react as Owen runs. He is dropped to the floor inside the wood. Owen orders him to be silent, and although Dax is panicky he does so. Owen takes out a knife and tests it before warning Dax to be still and that 'This is going to hurt'.

Chapter 2: Edit

The knife blace pierces Dax's neck and forages around- for something, Dax feels sick and Owen mutters 'How much further?', he is looking for the tracker chips that all the COLAs have been tagged with.